4" Magazine Holder- Maroon

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Ideal and cost effective to store and organize magazines or important folders with Panther 4 inch magazine holders in various designs to match your workspace. You can store two 25mm Fern ring binders or 3 16mm Fern Slim files. With our range of office stationery the Colored magazine holder is a Solid Fern Colored color with a gloss shiny lamination, which would protect the outside from moisture. All the documents related to the subject could be stored in files and document holders that come in either 2 Ring or Slim size can be stored in a magazine holder. The base of the magazine holder is made out of grey chipboard and covered with a printed design. The inside of the magazine holder has a black paper pasted inside. These items are developed so that they are retailed at a price point that allows the customers purchase them without any hesitation.

  • Magazine Height:315mm
  • Magazine Holder Width:250mm
  • Spine Width:104mm
  • Paper Size:250mm x 310mm 4" PL