Andimu Hada Roo Rata

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Panther Andimu Hada Roo Rata,is the Sinhala version of Panther My book of Patterns. As the Sinhalese letters are more round in shape compared to the English letters, the child start off by coloring in order to get used to holding a pencil. And then activities like pasting objects, cutting out shapes, on to images to add color, help develop the child motor skills. The child moves on to drawing along lines once they have completed the coloring section. And Finally drawing along dotted lines, to complete semi circles, circles, zig zags and other shapes to improve the childs motor skills are presented to the child. The book consists of 40 pages in A4 size printed in black and white on 80gsm high quality paper. The publication was developed by Mr. Saratchandra Jayawardena from the Sri Lanka Education Department.