Fun With Words 4 Letter

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Panther Fun with words 4 letters is a simple word building exercise, once the child has been introduced to the English alphabet, they would proceed to construct simple 3 letter words and on completing that they can move to 4 letter words. The words chosen for this box consist of only simple letters. The child is given a hint where the image of the word is displayed at the top of the puzzle and the words is printed in black on a unique color band to ensure the exercise doesn’t become complicating and frustrating for the child. The box consists of 24 sets of words, where each puzzle has 4 letters each. The size of a puzzle is apporx 85mm x 85mm . This helps develop the child’s thinking, hand and eye coordination, creativity. This item has been listed in some school, pre school booklists.

  • Box size: :
  • Age Group : 4
  • Age Group : 4
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