My cute Pets

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Panther My Cute pets Jigsaw Puzzle consists of 4 real life images, of the popular pets. We have designed these puzzles to a size that’s convenient to carry around. Each puzzle consists of 6 or 8 pieces which makes the easy for the child to construct the puzzle. We have introduced a solid colored print on the reverse of each puzzle. This helps the child group the pieces of each puzzle when they break them all up. Products like this encourage the child to problem solve while they engage in the activity of building the jigsaw puzzle. This educational toy has been developed to ensure that this product is available for children in all income groups. This product has been designed for children over 3 years.

  • Box size: : 133mm x 205mm x 30mm
  • Age Group : 3
  • Age Group : 3
  • Laminated :
  • Cover Laminated :
  • Barcode : 4796000467078